CyberU Rockfort to Renovate Community Training Center

Training in skyBuilders tools (a well as basic computer training in typical office skills) will soon be available at CyberU's community training center at Rockfort.

David Pearson of Shawmut Education in Boston, Mass., a leading test site for, is coming to Jamaica on 12 December to modernize 10 to 15 of the computers at Rockfort. With the help of Shereece Williams (and any other volunteers), he will install in each machine:

David will also bring a skyBuilders skyServer (mini-tower) which will:

Educational/Technical Objectives:

Community Objectives:

David Pearson with the stacks of hubs and NIC cards, and the sky Server (on floor) Cards and hubs packed into the luggage (right).

Desmond's IBM laptop (left) and the Panasonic laptop.

To help with this project and to schedule David Pearson in Jamaica...

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